Leadership TEAM


  • Matt olszewski

    Pastor | Campus Director

    What I love about being on staff with H2O is that everyday I get a chance to help reshape, renew, redeem, and remind college students of the love Christ has for them.

  • Elizabeth brooker

    Worship Director | Compassion/Outreach Director ​ ​

    I am so excited to be getting the opportunity to lead our congregation in worship through music on Sunday mornings. The Lord has given me a passion for worship and helping others grow more connected to God through music.  I also love getting time to spend with students throughout the week, especially the girls in our church.  I thank God daily for the chance to be on this campus and love and serve Toledo.

  • Andrew wilson

    Sunday Operations Coordinator ​ ​

    My mission is to help students to see the passion that Christ has for them. I hope to demonstrate the immense effect He has had on my heart and to challenge young adults to pursue a life with Him.



    LifeGroup Director | Pastor in Training

    What I like about H2O is that it is church aimed at one of the most unreached people groups in the United States. It's an authentic community of people pursuing God together.

  • Lauren Stewart

    Media Director

    H2O is where I found Christ and true Christian community in college. I am now on mission to share the love and freedom I found in faith as a student with the students at the University of Toledo. 


    Administrative Coordinator

    Coming to H2O Church as a freshman, my faith was small and too weak to withstand the many trials of college and adulthood. Through discipleship and strong christian community at H2O my faith strengthened and I fell deeper in love with God and the people He created than I ever thought possible. H2O has given me vision for my life and a passion for reaching college students in hopes that they too will see what an amazing plan God has for their life.

  • Jenni Thieroff

    Hospitality Coordinator