Livestream on YouTube


Join us for a post-stream picnic at 1PM around campus. There are three locations to keep groups small and help maintain social-distancing. Bring a lunch and meet the people behind H2O Church!


The Flatlands

Student Union Fountain

Varsity T Pavilion (Between Carter Hall and the Greek Village)

what to expect

Our Sunday service is designed specifically for college students and

meets right in the student union. We come together to be inspired to live a life of faith in Jesus as a community here at The University of Toledo. We hope you can stop by and visit. 

Here is what you can expect: 

  • to be there for about an hour, 
  • an atmosphere that is friendly and comfortable, 
  • music that is current and about Jesus, 
  • and messages from the Bible that we hope are relatable and challenging. 

Come dressed in what makes you comfortable!

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